The senior year of Graphic Design presented its highlights of the last three years study at the Lette-Verein.

Along the line of «Bewerbt euch bei uns» we turned the tables and invited agencies, magazines, publishers, to come and apply to us. We are full of energy, creativity and eager to work and think that this potential should be attractive enough for our future employers to ask us to work for them.

The procedure in the events night
On the backside of the posters and invitation respectively you have a couple of questions to be answered. For that the exhibits are not assigned to a name but to the pictogram of each alumni, the visitor can go to the information desk and find the appropriate stamp to fill in the questionnaire. After that he can stick the application in our application box.

The challenge was to find a print product which combines posters, invitations and questionnaires. We decided to print in black on colored paper to safe money and to have the opportunity to make more copies on the school's copying machine. We were supported by Igepa Group that offers a special collection of one sided neon paper.

Graphical Recording at Global Service Jam Berlin ’14
Keyboard Hack
Keyboard Hack Poster
Service Design Icons Whitespring
AUB / Logo Concept & Stationary 0.1
Alexander Jesipow
Doritos Typeface
Its All About Type
Weltverband Deutscher Auslandsschulen
Vereinsdesign Exhibition
Logo, Business Card and Letterhead
Carbon Works Brand
WorkFlowMotion Magazine